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At Bambini Speech Therapy we like to ensure that your child’s experience and that of their family is positive. We try to keep the process simple and therapy fun!!


Any concerned parent can refer their own child to Bambini Speech Therapy by calling or emailing us. However, if your child is under the care of more than one health professional, it is often beneficial for their primary health carer to provide us with a formal referral as this can provide additional information on your child’s development which can then be used to help support your child’s speech and language needs. We accept referrals from Teachers, Pediatrician’s, GPs, Psychologists, Audiologists, Ear Nose and Throat (ENT) specialists, and other Allied Health professionals such as Occupational Therapists, Physiotherapists, and Dietitians.

Any child can be referred to Bambini Speech Therapy, with or without a formal diagnosis. If your child does have a diagnosis, please provide previous reports and documentation upon referral. These reports help to provide information about your child’s development and aid the initial assessment process.

If you or your child have a Medicare Team Care Arrangement Plan (formerly known as an Enhanced Primary Care Plan) and you wish to use this for your initial appointment, please let us know when making an appointment and ensure you bring the paperwork along to your initial appointment.

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Initial Appointment

An initial assessment at Bambini Speech Therapy typically involves talking to a parent/caregiver to gather background information about your concerns around your child’s speech, language and or swallowing needs, observing the child in his/her natural environment (if possible), completing a range of formal/informal assessments, and enjoying some play based activities. The activities and assessments conducted will vary depending on the child’s needs. The team at Bambini Speech Therapy are experienced with working with children and will ensure that your child feels comfortable and has fun during each session.

We ask that you complete a Client Questionnaire prior to the initial assessment – you will receive a copy of this attached to your initial confirmation email. Your therapist will go through the questionnaire with you at your initial assessment and happily assist you in completing any questions you’re unsure about. If you are unable to complete the Client Questionnaire prior to your initial appointment, your therapist will have a copy available for you to fill out at the initial appointment. If you have any previous documents/reports from other professionals/ teachers these are handy to have available too.

Following assessment, a report is prepared (if required) which includes recommendations. If therapy is recommended, session times can be organized and you and your child return for the follow-up appointments.

Subsequent Appointments

At Bambini Speech Therapy we ensure that therapy sessions are fun and individualised to each child, depending on the child’s needs. Generally therapy sessions comprise of a range of different activities to motivate and interest your child whilst helping them to achieve their individual goals. Therapy sessions typically run for 30-60 minutes. At each session, we also allow time for discussion with parents/carers/teachers to review goals, strategies, progress and homework activities.

Home practice is strongly recommended and these activities will be explained thoroughly during the session. We encourage you to ask questions if at any stage you are unclear about any aspect of the assessment or therapy program.


To avoid being charged the full non-attendance fee, a minimum of 24 hours notice must be provided to Bambini Speech Therapy to re-schedule or cancel your appointment.

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