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Developmental Milestones Clinic

We have teamed up with pediatric speech pathologists, occupational therapists and physiotherapists who all have their own local private practices situated on the Sunshine Coast to be involved in the Developmental Milestones Clinic. This professional team will provide a FREE drop-in clinic from 9am – 10am on a Saturday once every school term. The Developmental Milestones Clinic offers a friendly space where you can discuss, in confidence, any concerns you may have regarding your child’s speech and language and/or motor development. The team of clinicians will offer stations with games and activities for your children to be involved in whilst the clinicians monitor your child’s speech and motor milestones. Each station will go for approximately 5-10 minutes each. Through discussion and observation, you will be provided with professional advice around your child’s speech and language development (speech pathology), fine motor skills (occupational therapy) and gross motor milestone development (physiotherapy), you will be advised if your child’s skills are developing as expected for his/her age, and if it is beneficial to have formal assessment completed. General advice can be given about how to support your child’s speech/language, fine motor and gross motor development. The Developmental Milestones Clinic will ensure a more holistic snapshot of your child’s current skills. You will be able to book subsequent individual or joint appointments (costs will apply) with the respective clinicians, should you be interested.

Please be advised that the Developmental Milestones Clinic is free to attend however parents/caregivers must stay to supervise their child at all times. You do not need to make an appointment but it is advised to make contact if you are planning to attend to avoid extended wait times. Clinic dates will be advertised through social media and on our website. For more information about the Developmental Milestones Clinic, please contact Bambini Speech Therapy to find out more.




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